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Interact and Play with the eProcess360 Platform

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In this tour, we’re going to walk you through the core workspaces within the eProcess360 platform. In this virtual “sandbox,” you will be able to log in using the given personas and jurisdictional roles outlined below. Each persona has different permissions and will depict different attributes and role associations related to the overall system.

Andy – Chief Building Official

Andy is the City’s Chief Building Official…
Password: 2uThYh$xoBBf

Log In

Portia – Permit Technician

Portia serves as the City’s Permit Technician
as well as the eProcess360 administrator…
Password: LpZxWu0Zs&1D

Log In

Rachel – Plan Reviewer

Rachel is the City’s Plan Reviewer…
Password: q%IA&w%rQc2M

Log In

Ian – Inspector

Ian is the City’s Building Inspector…
Password: %EG5rBRnkeYb

Log In

Joe – Applicant

Joe is an appliant…
Password: 0Bspb$p&RN4w

Log In

If you get stuck and want to reset the environment, at any time you can use the Reset Sandbox button to remove any changes you have made.

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