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What is eProcess360?

eProcesss360 is a powerful cloud-based software solution designed to help jurisdictions serve citizens. The platform automates all aspects of the permit and licensing processes to save time, money, and resources as well as support overall community growth. The robust system offers….

  • Citizen Access
  • Mobile Interfacing
  • Electronic Plan Review
  • Inspections Management
  • Automated Communication
  • Online Digital Repository
  • Data Management
  • GIS and Credit Card APIs
  • System Scalability


Support the growth of your community, no matter the amount of services and solutions you deploy.


Configure individual modules and workflows to create a unique solution that best meets your own jusrisdiction’s needs.


Rapidly integrate popular APIs into eProcess360 to extend citizen services to your community.

eProcess360 Platform

Enjoy Connected Government

Built with module and workflow technology, eProcess360 helps automate processes to streamline and enhance your organization’s interdepartmental communications. 

eProcess360 provides agencies with the flexibility and scalability to enable innovation over time–without the need to invest in new technology or hardware.

eProcess360 allows for unlimited public citizen and individual staff user account access where your organization can define what the users view, edit, and access.

eProcess360 has a built-in capacity for unlimited projects with automated routing and approvals through all appropriate parties, departments, and steps. 

eProcess360 offers the ability for staff to work remotely when necessary and provides access from any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

eProcess360 Platform

Enhance Citizen Experience

eProcess360 offers everything a jurisdiction needs to simplify for citizens to open and run a business, apply for permits, schedule inspections, and more. 

Provide citizens with the ability to engage and easily access their government when and how they want it. 

eProcess360 enables two-way communication and provides users with the ability to track project status, updates, and requests.

eProcess360 Platform

Modern Cloud-Based SaaS Technology

Utilizing leading technologies, eProcess360 offers a Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud-based environment with a capacity to meet the varying needs of government agencies, from large states to small jurisdictions.

Increase time to value with rapid deployment and ready-made solutions that respond to modern technology and frameworks. eProcess360 platform technology includes everything necessary to deploy services directly  to your staff and citizens:

  • All aspects of our pre-built modules, workflows, and eProcess360 platform technologies 
  • All software, including OS, database, load balancing, and performance monitoring; modern security and compliance software
  • Scalable servers and storage devices
  • Technical support and implemented software/hardware upgrades
  • Leading data security practices

eProcess360 manages all the infrastructure, including hardware, software, security, and applications—saving IT teams and their jurisdictions time, money and the requirements of maintaining these necessities on their own.

eProcess360 SaaS guarantees jurisdictions are receiving all the benefits of technology advancement for their employees and citizens—without having to implement it on their own.

Turn unpredictable, large capital expenses for initial purchases, and regular updates and upgrades, into a predictable operating expense. With eProcess360’s SaaS technology, after initial deployment, you enjoy all the needed functionality for your platform at one price. This includes previously separate technologies, including GIS capabilities, API management, and more.  All upgrades are automatically provided, and eProcess360 pricing includes maintenance and support.

eProcess360 Platform

Security and Reliability

With leading cyber-security protection in place, data and systems will be safeguarded with the highest degree of security and integrity. The cloud data centers used by eProcess360 are designed to meet a full set of regulations and guidelines for security.

eProcess360 utilizes industry-leading cloud infrastructures that meet stringent data security standards, including NIST 800–53 and FISMA compliance, PCI-DSS, SOC 2, and SSAE 16 certifications. Web and API traffic are protected by SSL sessions encrypted through TLS and are only facilitated via secure and reputable technologies.

Data is stored securely via synchronized disaster recovery sites in multiple remote locations, providing protection in the event of natural disasters or site-wide outages.

eProcess360’s cloud solutions are designed to offer 99.9% uptime through built-in protection of full system redundancy, fail-over technologies, and disaster recovery implementations within our data centers.

eProcess360 consistently performs ongoing testing, penetration, and evaluation for data security and code integrity, strengthening overall security.

eProcess360 regularly utilizes leading technological systems, including Azure Security Center, Azure Advanced Threat Protect, Azure Firewall, Cloudflare, Carbon Black, Tenable, Rapid7, Veracode, and more to safeguard and monitor applications, software, and systems.

Each year, eProcess360 employees are required to take part in mandatory training that covers data privacy and integrity as well as security awareness. Regular audits regarding SSAE18 SOC2 TYPE2, PCI-DSS SAQ-D Service Provider, and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance are also conducted.

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