Jurisdiction Size

Right-sized for you
today and tomorrow.

Build a better future for your community and citizens with a robust, scalable solution from a modern, experienced provider.

Your community has unique goals and needs, so a one-size-fits-all digital permitting system won’t cut it. And getting the best of the best shouldn’t come at the expense of best-in-class service.

Whether your primary focus is fixing inefficiencies so you can do more with what you have or growing department services so you can reach that next milestone, the solution you choose should help you meet those goals and set your vision for tomorrow and beyond. Wherever you are now and wherever you’re headed, our eProcess360 platform solution can help.


We know what it’s like. You and your employees have to juggle wearing multiple hats, and might not have the luxury of time or money. Managing permitting, licensing, plan review, and inspection duties, as well as payment processing and more, are all part of the picture—and you’re buried in work! An all-in-one solution that can help conquer to-dos and make the dream of tomorrow a reality is within reach.

Mid-Size Jurisdictions

Your community has grown and evolved, but that doesn’t mean your department staff has grown with it. Often small but mighty teams are handling an expanding permitting and licensing workload as the workforce keeps growing and employee expectations keep changing. Daily troubleshooting, redundant data entry, and responding to mounting applicant requests keep you from being able to focus on the future.


With a large and diverse workforce, you need technology solutions that help you make impactful decisions as well as create an engaging culture to attract and retain top talent. You need flexible, integrated solutions that help you save time, streamline information between departments with continuity, provide easy reporting, and help you provide consistent service to citizens now as well as in the future.

Small Jurisdictions

Digital Permitting Software for Small Jurisdictions

Grow, baby, grow!

Nothing about your job feels small. In fact, the effects of errors and delays actually feel pretty huge. You need an easy-to-use digital permitting system that makes you feel like you’ve got the power of a small army behind you.

Our parent company, West Coast Code Consultants, Inc., has been using our own software since its days going back as a small business. So, we understand that you don’t always have the luxury of time or money. Along with a couple of clones of yourself, you need a digital permitting solution that will help you:

  • Empower employees to manage their own permitting and licensing duties
  • Track associated permitting and licensing documentation accurately and efficiently
  • Deliver a cutting-edge, user- and remote-friendly permitting solution for your employees
  • Allow you to serve community citizens during emergencies, disasters, or jurisdictional office shut-downs


Serve Citizens


Mid-Size Jurisdictions

Digital Permitting Software for Mid-Size Jurisdictions

We’re with you today,
tomorrow and beyond!

Your community is growing and changing every day. It’s time to upgrade to a permitting and licensing software solution that will help you keep your eye on the prize and serve citizens more efficiently.

You can’t afford to let any balls drop, but your days sometimes feel like a giant game of whack-a-mole. Inflexible, rookie permitting systems that create more problems than they fix just won’t cut it.

We get it, because we’ve been there. And that’s also why we partner with other API integrations to make our eProcess360 platform and system better every day to help you:

  • Take advantage of easy reporting at your fingertips
  • Deliver an easy-to-use, remote-friendly solution for your employees to manage their own permitting tasks
  • Integrate seamlessly with systems already in place
  • Solve issues today and scale for the future




Large Jurisdictions

Digital Permitting Software for Large Jurisdictions

Big fish, big worries!

You need a true partner and tailored solutions built to help you engage and inspire your people while driving the results that keep your community development department running at top speed. Make the change with eProcess360.

We get it. And because we use our own software, we’re coming up with fixes to the very things you’re dealing with in real-time. In addition to walking shoulder-to-shoulder with you through world-class service and resources, we give you the latest and greatest cloud-based solutions that will help you:

  • Integrate seamlessly with the network of systems you already have in place
  • Solve tomorrow’s challenges before they happen with powerful communication and workflow dynamics
  • Demonstrate value for managers, department heads, and employees with professional reporting
  • Scale to keep driving your return on investment as you grow


Automated Fee Assessment

Paperless Plan Review

The peace of mind that comes with dependable digital permitting and licensing software for small, medium, and large communities also gives you the freedom to think about what’s next—for you, your team, and your citizens. At eProcess360, we’re here for all of it.

eProcess360 helps any size jurisdiction drive efficiency by simplifying daily administration processes, improving accessibility and transparency for the citizen community, as well as enhancing communication and collaboration inter-departmentally.