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We work with community
development departments every
day and understand jurisdictional inner workings and demands.

Our level of service is unique, personal, and unmatched.

From the beginning, the goal of eProcess360 has been to act as an extension of the public agencies for whom we serve. In 2006, when California Energy Commission (CEC) mandates were put in place to implement 100% paperless systems, West Coast Code Consultants, Inc. (WC3), our parent company, assisted dozens of community development departments in transitioning from paper-based operations to fully electronic systems. This unique experience provided valuable insight into the fact that many jurisdictions were utilizing software that just did not adequately serve their needs.

The eProcess360 division of WC was developed as a direct response to the frustrations its clients experienced with existing permitting software systems on the market that did not understand the day-to-day workload. Our eProcess360 development team quickly got to work designing digital permitting and electronic document storage solutions. Key WC3 staff joined in the process as well, spending hours contributing to the product, refining the processes, brainstorming features, and ensuring that eProcess360 software solutions would meet the needs of real-world community development departments. The result? User-friendly, robust, web-based systems that WC3  is extremely proud of, and that they make use of every day to fulfill their own permit, inspection, and planning submittal needs.

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Who We Are

Your Partner

The partner you deserve.

We pair easy-to-use technology with personalized service, backed by a team that truly understands the industry and cares.

At eProcess360, we deliver more than an awesome platform suite with easy-to-use modules and workflows. We also stand for your success by providing you with an incredible support system to back up our easy-to-use, innovative solutions.

Everything we offer and do is aimed at freeing up your department’s time so you can focus your energy on success—which starts and ends with your staff. You’ll get timely, customized, and managed implementation with support and service to lay the right foundation. We help to quickly resolve any potential issues, so you can get back to business as usual.

  • Enjoy a dedicated product manager and client team
          committed to simplifying processes.
  • We put as much emphasis on technology as we do service.
          With continual research, development, and innovation, our
          clients’ needs are always at the center.
  • We take security seriously and make it a top priority in
          everything that we do.
eProcess works hard to be your partner. We listen to you; we meet the people who use our technology;
and we actually want to know what you need and try to make it happen.

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Who We Are

Protecting Our Clients

Keeping your jurisdictional
data secure is non-negotiable.

A lot of research, much thought and many steps
and procedures go into a robust security environment. 

Delivering a seamless experience to your department and teams is a huge responsibility that we take very seriously. Since we don’t maintain direct access to very important and sensitive data on our own servers, we strive to partner with top-of-the-line companies and data centers that embed the very highest security and privacy controls. We keep the safeguarding of our jurisdictional clients’ data at top of mind so that it trickles down into every single thing that we do. It impacts our decision-making processes, the technology we build, the infrastructure we use, and the way we educate and hire our people. 

eProcess360’s technology infrastructure and architecture are designed to keep disruptions to your jurisdiction at bay. The enhanced security programs of our technological partners, along with consistent regular testing, help us protect our clients’ information as a top priority.

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